Movie Star Princess

Movie Star Princess

Movie Star Princess: College Makeover Salon!

Download now.

  • Designed for both iPhone and iPad!
  • Awesome cute graphics!
  • Amazing music and sounds!
  • The options are limitless!

screen480x480 (1)
screen480x480 (5)


Customer Reviews

by Greypiers

cute game
This cute game is much fun not just for kids, but for moms too. My daughter definitely likes this game and spends quite a good time playing quietly, dressing up her characters! The iPad is really a god-sent when it comes to kid-friendly apps!

by Dedee Manley

It is an amazing game alone being able to dress the models but it is even cooler that you can dress yourself by using a picture from your camera roll. I would give this app 5 stars. It is truly awesome.

by whiteredcheek

My little daughter adores this game! The smile on her face whenever she comes up with a new outfit is priceless. Movie Star Princess is quite a creative game too and I like how attractive the whole concept is.

206 thoughts on “Movie Star Princess

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